Corporate culture

Inside view and outside view

Who are you anyway?

How would you like to position yourself as a company? How would you like to be perceived by customers, the competition, your current or future employees? What does the company want to represent in order to address talent. What is your culture? What’s your USP? Do your employees know your corporate culture? Is it  understood? Is the corporate culture exemplified? There are an unbelievable number of questions, to which you ideally have an answer and maybe even are already living with. If not, I’ll be happy to help you define and bring them to life.

Get out of the crisis – but how!

Crisis-plagued companies that need fresh input and energy are particularly close to my heart. Because the effect of an exceptional situation, sometimes you neither know how to solve nor find an out. The solution is often closer than you think…. I will support you in doing the right thing – for your company and your employees. Together, I help you analyze your company’s current situation and develop ideas for a new start.. This can help everyone involved to see the deeper meaning and to get a breath of fresh air under the sails again.

It’s this way.

Good leaders are the heart of a company. They Sit with youWith the right skills in the right position, they can do more than just enormously increasecompany results – they can also increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees. The most important questions to consider are:How is it managed? How should it be managed? What is the understanding of leadership? Is that reflected in culture? And especially in daily work? Or are these empty words? Let’s find out together. A possible side effect is – we will find good managers for you.

Renewable raw materials

Where are they all – the young wild ones? Many companies are surprised that they cannot find up-and-coming talent. The question is: do all of them have the same understanding of what future generations want? What is important for them? And how can the company meet this within the scope of what is possible. Let’s find answers together.

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