Cum Corde

It is time for sustainable HR work.

The secret of happiness? Freedom.
The secret of freedom? Courage!

This is my personal, lived and loved credo:A lawyer by training, I worked for many years as a general manager and prior to that, wasa human resources manager. I knowsometimes life challenges us. It can be uncomfortable at first but then it becomes exciting. During such a process, I realized that it was time for a change. I always wanted to start my own business and true to the motto: take it, change it or leave it, I took the plunge and founded Cum Corde.

Cum Corde means: with heart. Because that’s what defines me, what makes the difference in successful HR work and what life is all about:To be there with passion and to burn for what you do.

 In my work, it is important not to stick to rigid processes, but to find individual solutions and always stay in dialogue;guided by a healthy dose of irrationality when it is appropriate.


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